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My name is Meng.

If you’re like me: a regular, average 9-5 guy… 

You’ll think this is another scam, another over-hyped claim, another big fat promise…

I have to agree.

It does sound too good to be true.

How can anyone possibly earn 6 figures in 90 days… and in just 6 steps?

But here’s the thing:

Whenever a skeptic decides to try this program, they’ll always say:

I WISH I’ve Signed Up Earlier!

It’s the #1 regret among our members.

But it’s expected - everyone was made to believe that getting rich is just a matter of pure luck.

Anything that promises you “riches” overnight is instantly labeled as FAKE.

You’re probably thinking that right now - but keep reading.

Or end up regretting because you ignored your BEST chance of making lots of money online

“Is It Really Possible?”

Too unbelievable, yeah? 

I don’t blame you.  

Here’s the reason why you don’t think this is possible:

You simply don’t understand how earning money online actually works.

(If you are, you should be raking it now, right?)

It’s unbelievably EASY - there are only 6 steps!

The problem is knowing what those 6 steps are and how to execute them.

Once you understand how to do this, the path to 6 figures will be silky smooth.

Now this requires someone who has done this successfully.

Someone who has made millions with these 6 steps you’re about to learn…

Someone who has helped thousands of others earn their millions…

First, Answer Me This…

What if a successful online millionaire offered you his ENTIRE business?

You probably won’t know what to do with it, or keep it growing, right?


What if he offered to walk you through every single step to run the business…

…Coach and train you every step of the way…

…From knowing barely anything, to running a million-dollar business all on your own…

…PLUS, keep ALL the profits to yourself?

Do you think you would be successful? 

Of course you would!

Meet The Guy Who Turns People Like You Into 6-Figure Earners

Michael Force created this life-changing system.

Michael’s a former, proud, honorable Marine and now a father to two beautiful little girls.

He left his corporate job to create an income online - but it didn’t happen overnight.

It took him several frustrating years before he finally understood what to do…

He started getting results - and it took him less than 90 days.

You see, making money online can be very simple…

You simply tell the TRUTH!

No BS, hype, or false promises. 

Just the real deal.

And today, you’re about to be his next 6-figure success story…

Proof Of How EASY It Is To Make Money

Why making money is hard is because of all the things you need to put together before anything works.

Making money online requires AT LEAST the following:

  • Hosting and domain
  • A website
  • Knowledge of writing and designing
  • HTML skills
  • An email delivery system 
  • Technical know-how to set everything together
  • A low-entry or free product to entice interested prospects
  • A couple of products priced differently for different levels of buyers
  • Salesmanship skills



Our system has taken care of ALL the hard work and technical setup for you.

Every single nut and bolt of your money-making machine fastened and tightened, ready to go!

So what do you have to do?

To put it simply: Just watch a couple of videos and follow the instructions.

If you can do that, you’re well on your way to see your first 6 figure income within a year.

This system is designed with the absolute newbie in mind!

● No employees.

● No storefront.

● No overhead.

● No rent.

● No inventory.


Still Sceptical on How Easy This Could Be?

Imagine this…

After following all of the HD crystal clear video instructions in the program, you’ll soon be the proud owner of a business model that thousands of others are using right now to earn their income.

The next step should be promoting your business - this is taught inside the program in great detail.

Stuck completing a step?

Don’t worry - just ask your personal mentor.

Yes, every single person who signs up will be assigned

to a 6-figure mentor.

You will be trained and coached 1-on-1 by someone who has personally reached 6-figure status!

(Really, the only way you’ll fail is if choose to.)

Got a question? Just ask! 

You’ll never be alone!

Now, after promoting your business, you need to make some sales - but you’ll have our expert sales closing team do it FOR YOU.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like selling or talking to people…

Because you don’t have to do any of that.

Let our team do the work for you.

The EASIEST Million-Dollar Business Model


Micheal Force, the creator of this 6-figure system, is literally HANDING you his business model.

Not only that - you’ll also get all the tools, training and resources that he had developed from over 15 years of running million dollar online businesses.

You don’t have to…:

  • Figure it all out yourself
  • Learn any sort of technical skills
  • Understand how to run a business or how to market one

Michael has made the system so easy..

It’s almost PLUG-n-EARN!

Why almost?

Because you still need to enter some personal details and insert certain important information on your side.

But don’t be scared of this - remember, you’ll have a mentor standing beside you, looking over your shoulder and teaching you exactly what you need to do.

“Ok, But HOW Will I Earn?”

Patience, my friend.

We’re just getting to the good stuff.

This is what you do when you’ve signed up:

The first thing is to watch a short special welcome video. Michael will give you a quick overview of how the next few days or weeks will look like.

Then he’ll show you how to create a special web link unique to you (and only you!). This link will let the system know that it’s you, so you can get paid.

What do you with this link?

Just get someone to click it! 

When they do, they’ll be directed to a website hosted by the system - and this is where that clicker will turn from an interested prospect to a paying customer!

Sounds easy, right? Because it is!

Here’s the best part: Your mentor will hold you by the hand every step of the way:

What ads to run, where to place the ads, how to get more people to click your link… 

There isn’t just another easier way to earn money especially when…

Everything is Done For You!

Here’s what you’re getting too:

Access to a private online membership site.

High-quality HD crystal clear videos that provide simple, step-by-step instructions for getting your online business up and running.

Access to your own personal team of coaches, all ready to work 1-on-1 with you every step of the way.

Exceptional support. Your success is important. Live chat and email support is provided so you can get all the answers you need, whenever you need them.

PLUS: More than a dozen other high-value online business resources that will provide the motivation, the tools and the know-how you need to get to the next level in your business.

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90 Days to a Whole New Problem-Free,

Financially-Abundant Life!

Imagine the possibilities of what you can do when you’re working online…

You’ll have:

More time to spend with your loved ones - your attention is precious!

More freedom to do what you want - hobbies, passion, interests, etc.

The chance to travel more - whenever you feel like it.

The ability to work less - just choose your work hours!

The potential for a constantly-growing income… that’ll last for a lifetime.

But probably the best thing for anyone:

No More Bosses!

And since you’re following a PROVEN system to 6-figures…

You won’t have to worry about any kinds of debts or bills!

Heck, you’ll even have enough to spend on that new watch or latest Gucci bag without crying afterwards!

Meet The Former Sceptics Who Now Are

6-Figure Earners!

"...ASPIRE will get you off the ground running... It has the most comprehensive digital marketing training EVER..."

"...Very easy to understand... gives so much immense value... it really changed my life..."

".Michael Force shares ALL his knowledge from 15 years of online success... ASPIRE is where you want to be...

"thanks to the system, I can just enjoy life, and have commissions whether I'm at home, or asleep..."

Ready To Start?

You won’t believe this…

But Michael is letting people sign up to this amazing system for only…

1 Dollar

Just one measly dollar for you to try the system out and see it’s potential to change YOUR life.

There’s really nothing to lose.

It’s just like putting in $1 into a slot machine - you might win a few hundreds, or lose $1.

You don’t mind losing that $1 because you tried. 

You KNOW that there IS a chance of WINNING.

Same as investing in this program.

Yes you MIGHT feel like you’ll lose $1…

But then you’ll know if that $1 will turn into a 6-figure sum or not..

“Ok, How Do I Start?”

All you have to do is click the link below to watch a short introductory video.

Meet the people whose lives have changed with this system.

YOU could be the next one

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